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Code Name City Details
0A7 Hendersonville Airport Hendersonville see
AAF Municipal Apalachicola see
AAP Andrau Airpark Houston, TX see
ABE Lehigh Valley International Allentown see
ABI Municipal Abilene see
ABL Ambler Ambler see
ABQ Albuquerque International Albuquerque see
ABR Municipal Aberdeen see
ABY Dougherty County Albany see
ACB Antrim County Bellaire see
ACK Nantucket Memorial Nantucket see
ACT Municipal Waco see
ACV Arcata Arcata see
ACY Atlantic City Intl Atlantic City see
ADG Lenawee County Adrian see
ADK Adak Island Ns Adak Island see
ADM Ardmore Municipal Arpt Ardmore see
ADQ Kodiak Airport Kodiak see
ADR Andrews Andrews see
ADS Addison Airport Dallas see
ADT Ada Municial Ada, OK see
ADW Andrews AFB Camp Springs see
AED Aleneva Aleneva see
AEL Albert Lea Albert Lea see
AET Allakaket Allakaket see
AEX Alexandria International Alexandria, LA see
AFF USAF Academy Airstrip Colorado Springs see
AFN Municipal Jaffrey see
AFO Municipal Afton see
AFW Fort Worth Alliance Fort Worth, TX see
AGC Allegheny County Pittsburgh see
AGN Angoon Angoon see
AGO Municipal Magnolia see
AGS Bush Field Augusta see
AHC Amedee AAF Herlong see
AHD Downtown Ardmore see
AHF Municipal Arapahoe see
AHH Municipal Amery see
AHN Athens Athens see
AHT Amchitka Amchitka see
AIA Alliance Alliance see
AIB Anita Bay Anita Bay see
AID Municipal Anderson see
AIK Municipal Aiken see
AIN Wainwright Wainwright see
AIO Municipal Atlantic see
AIV George Downer Aliceville, AL see
AIY Bader Field Atlantic City see
AIZ Lee C Fine Memorial Kaiser/Lake Ozark see
AKB Atka Atka see
AKC Fulton International Akron/Canton see
AKI Akiak Akiak see
AKK Akhiok SPB Akhiok see
AKN King Salmon King Salmon see
AKO Colorado Plains Regional Airport Akron, CO see
AKP Anaktuvuk Anaktuvuk see
ALB Albany International Albany see
ALE Alpine Alpine see
ALI International Alice see
ALM Municipal Alamogordo see
ALN Alton Alton see
ALO Waterloo Waterloo see
ALS Municipal Alamosa see
ALW Walla Walla Walla Walla see
ALX Thomas C Russell Fld Alexander City, AL see
ALZ Alitak SPB Alitak see
AMA Rick Husband Amarillo International Amarillo, TX see
AMK Animas Airpark Durango see
AMN Gratiot Community Alma see
AMW Ames Ames see
ANA Orange County Steel Salvage Heliport Anaheim see
ANB Anniston Metropolitan Anniston, AL see
ANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Anchorage see
AND Anderson Anderson see
ANI Aniak Aniak see
ANN Annette Island Annette Island see
ANP Lee Annapolis see
ANQ Tri-State Steuben Cty Angola see
ANV Anvik Anvik see
ANW Ainsworth Ainsworth see
ANY Anthony Anthony see
AOH Allen County Lima see
AOO Martinsburg Martinsburg see
AOS Amook Amook see
APA Arapahoe Co Denver see
APC Napa County Napa see
APF Naples Naples see
APG Phillips AAF Aberdeen see
APH Camp A P Hill Bowling Green see
APN Alpena County Regional Alpena see
APT Marion County Jasper see
APV Apple Valley Apple Valley see
AQY Alyeska Alyeska see
ARA Acadiana Regional New Iberia see
ARB Municipal Ann Arbor, MI see
ARC Arctic Village Arctic Village see
ARG Walnut Ridge Walnut Ridge see
ART Watertown Watertown see
ARV Noble F. Lee Minocqua see
ARX Asbury Park Neptune, NJ see
ASE Aspen Aspen see
ASH Boire Field Nashua, NH see
ASN Talladega Talladega see
ASQ Austin Austin see
AST Astoria Astoria see
ASX Ashland Ashland see
ASY Ashley Ashley see
ATE Antlers Antlers see
ATK Atqasuk Atqasuk see
ATL Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International Atlanta, GA see
ATO Ohio University Athens see
ATS Artesia Artesia see
ATT Atmautluak Atmautluak see
ATU Casco Cove Attu Island see
ATW Outagamie County Appleton see
ATY Watertown Watertown see
AUG Augusta Augusta see
AUK Alakanuk Alakanuk see
AUM Austin Austin see
AUN Auburn Auburn see
AUO Auburn-Opelika Auburn see
AUS Austin-bergstrom International Austin see
AUW Municipal Wausau see
AUZ Municipal Airport Aurora see
AVL Asheville Regional Airport Fletcher see
AVO Municipal Avon Park see
AVP Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA see
AVX Avalon Bay Catalina Island see
AWM Municipal West Memphis see
AXB Alexandria Bay Alexandria Bay see
AXG Algona Algona see
AXN Alexandria Alexandria see
AXS Municipal Altus see
AXV Neil Armstrong Wapakoneta see
AXX Angel Fire Angel Fire see
AYE AAF Heliport Fort Devens see
AYS Ware County Waycross see
AYZ Zahns Amityville see
AZO Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl Kalamazoo see
BAM Lander County Battle Mountain see
BAR Baker Aaf Baker Island see
BBB Municipal Benson see
BBC Bay City Bay City see
BBD Curtis Field Brady see
BBF Burlington Burlington see
BBW Broken Bow Broken Bow see
BBX Wings Field Blue Bell see
BCB Virginia Tech Blacksburg see
BCC Bear Creek Bear Creek see
BCE Bryce Bryce see
BCJ Baca Grande Baca Grande see
BCS Southern Seaplane Belle Chasse see
BCT Public Boca Raton see
BDE Baudette Baudette see
BDF Rinkenberger Bradford see
BDG Blanding Blanding see
BDL Bradley International Windsor Locks, CT see
BDR Igor I. Sikorsky Mem. Bridgeport see
BDX Broadus Broadus see
BDY State Bandon see
BEC Beech Wichita see
BED Hanscom Field Bedford/Hanscom see
BEH Ross Field Benton Harbor see
BET Bethel Airport Bethel see
BFB Blue Fox Bay Blue Fox Bay see
BFD Bradford Bradford see
BFF Scotts Bluff County Scottsbluff see
BFG Bullfrog Basin Bullfrog Basin see
BFI Boeing Field/King County International Airport Seattle see
BFK Buffalo Municipal Airport Buffalo see
BFL Meadows Field Bakersfield see
BFM Mobile Downtown Mobile, AL see
BFP Beaver Falls Beaver Falls see
BFR Virgil I Grissom Muni Bedford see
BFT County Beaufort see
BGD Borger Borger see
BGE Decatur County Bainbridge see
BGM Greater Binghamton Binghamton, NY see
BGQ Big Lake Big Lake see
BGR Bangor International Airport Bangor see
BGS Webb AFB Big Spring see
BGT Bagdad Bagdad, AZ see
BHB Bar Harbor Bar Harbor see
BHC Bhurban Heliport Bhurban see
BHM Birmingham Birmingham see
BIC Big Creek Big Creek see
BID Block Island Block Island see
BIE Beatrice Beatrice see
BIF Biggs Aaf El Paso see
BIG Intermediate Field Big Delta see
BIH Bishop Bishop see
BIL Billings Billings see
BIS Bismarck Bismarck see
BIX Keesler AFB Biloxi see
BJC Jeffco Broomfield see
BJI Bemidji Bemidji see
BJJ Wayne County Wooster see
BKC Buckland Buckland see
BKD Stephens County Breckenridge see
BKE Baker Baker see
BKF Lake Brooks SPB Katmai National Park see
BKG Branson Branson, MO see
BKH Barking Sands PMRF Kekaha see
BKL Burke Lakefront Cleveland see
BKT Blackstone AAF Blackstone see
BKW Beckley Beckley see
BKX Brookings Brookings see
BLD Boulder City Boulder City see
BLF Princeton Princeton see
BLH Blythe Blythe see
BLI Bellingham Bellingham see
BLM Monmouth Executive Airport Belmar - Farmingdale see
BLU Blue Canyon Blue Canyon see
BLV Belleville Belleville see
BLW Bellows Field Waimanalo see
BMC Brigham City Brigham City see
BMG Bloomington Bloomington see
BMI Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal Bloomington/Normal, IL see
BML Berlin Municipal Airport Berlin see
BMT Beaumont Muni Beaumont see
BMX Big Mountain Big Mountain see
BNA Nashville International Nashville, TN see
BNF Warm Spring Bay SPB Baranof see
BNG Banning Banning see
BNH Barnes Hartford see
BNL Barnwell Regional Barnwell, SC see
BNO Burns Burns see
BNW Boone Boone see
BOF Bolling AFB Washington see
BOI Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field Boise, ID see
BOK Brookings State Brookings see
BOS Logan International Boston see
BOW Bartow Bartow see
BPA Grumman Bethpage see
BPI Big Piney-marbleton Big Piney see
BPT Jefferson County Beaumont see
BQK Glynco Jetport Brunswick see
BQV Bartlett SPB Gustavus see
BRD Brainerd Lakes Regional Brainerd, MN see
BRG Municipal Whitesburg see
BRL Burlington Burlington see
BRO South Padre Is. Intl Brownsville see
BRW Wiley Post/W.Rogers M Barrow see
BRY Samuels Field Bardstown, KY see
BSF Bradshaw AAF Pohakuloa see
BSI Blairsville Blairsville see
BSQ Bisbee Municipal Arpt Bisbee see
BSW Boswell Bay Boswell Bay see
BSZ Bartletts Bartletts see
BTF Salt Lake Skypark Bountiful see
BTI Barter Island Barter Island see
BTL WK Kellogg Regional Battle Creek see
BTM Bert Mooney Airport Butte, MT see
BTN Bennettsville Bennettsville see
BTP Butler County - Kenny Scholter Field Butler see
BTR Ryan Baton Rouge see
BTT Bettles Bettles see
BTV Burlington International Burlington see
BTY Beatty Beatty see
BUB Municipal Burwell see
BUF Buffalo Niagara International Buffalo, NY see
BUM Butler Butler see
BUR Bob Hope Burbank see
BVD Sea Port Beaver Inlet see
BVO Bartlesville Bartlesville see
BVX Municipal Batesville see
BVY Beverly Municiple Airport Beverly see
BWC Brawley Brawley see
BWD Brownwood Brownwood see
BWG Warren County Bowling Green see
BWI Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Baltimore, MD see
BWL Blackwell Blackwell see
BWM Bowman Bowman see
BWS Blaine Blaine see
BXA George R Carr Bogalusa see
BXC Boxborough Boxborough see
BXK Buckeye Municipal Buckeye see
BXS Borrego Springs Borrego Springs see
BYA Boundary Boundary see
BYG Municipal Buffalo see
BYH Blytheville AFB Blytheville, AR see
BYI Rupert Rupert see
BYS Bicycle Lake AAF Fort Irwin see
BYW Blakely Island Blakely Island see
BZN Gallatin Field Bozeman see
BZS Buzzards Pt S Washington see
BZT Hinkles Ferry Brazoria see
CAD Cadillac Cadillac see
CAE Metropolitan Airport Columbia, SC see
CAK Akron/canton Regional Akron/Canton, OH see
CAO Clayton Clayton see
CAR Municipal Caribou see
CBA Corner Bay Corner Bay see
CBE Greater Cumberland Regional Cumberland, MD see
CBF Municipal Council Bluffs see
CBK Municipal Colby see
CBM Columbus AFB Columbus, MS see
CBZ Cabin Creek Cabin Creek see
CCA Chaffee AFB Fort Chaffee see
CCB Cable Airport Upland, CA see
CCG Crane County Arpt Crane see
CCR Buchanan Field Concord, CA see
CCY Municipal Charles City see
CDB Cold Bay Cold Bay see
CDC Cedar City Cedar City see
CDH Harrell Fld Camden see
CDK Lewis Cedar Key see
CDL Candle Candle see
CDN Woodward Fld Camden see
CDR Chadron Chadron see
CDS Childress Childress see
CDV Mudhole Smith Cordova see
CDW Caldwell Wright Caldwell, NJ see
CEA Cessna Aircraft Field Wichita see
CEC Mc Namara Fld Crescent City see
CEF Westover ARB/Metropolitan Chicopee, MA see
CEM Central Central see
CEU Oconee County Clemson see
CEV Mettle Field Connersville see
CEW Bob Sikes Crestview see
CEX Chena Hot Springs Chena Hot Springs see
CEY Calloway County Murray see
CEZ Montezuma County Cortez see
CFA Coffee Point Coffee Point see
CFD Coulter Field Bryan see
CFK Chefornak Chefornak, AK see
CFT Morenci Clifton see
CFV Municipal Coffeyville see
CGA Craig SPB Craig see
CGE Cambridge Cambridge see
CGF Cuyahoga County Cleveland see
CGI Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau see
CGS College Park College Park see
CGX Merrill C Meigs Chicago see
CGZ Municipal Casa Grande see
CHA Lovell Field Chattanooga,TN see
CHD Williams Gateway Airport Mesa see
CHI Chicago FSS Chicago see
CHK Municipal Chickasha see
CHL Challis Challis see
CHO Albemarle Charlottesville see
CHP Circle Hot Springs Circle Hot Springs see
CHS Charleston, AFB Municipal Charleston, SC see
CHU Chuathbaluk Chuathbaluk see
CHZ State Chiloquin see
CIB Ap In The Sky Catalina Island see
CIC Chico Chico see
CID Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids see
CIG Craig-Moffat Craig see
CIK Chalkyitsik Chalkyitsik see
CIL Melsing Creek Council see
CIN Carroll Carroll see
CIR Cairo Cairo see
CIU Chippewa County Sault Ste Marie see
CIV Chomley Chomley see
CJN Gillespie Field El Cajon see
CKA Kegelman Af Cherokee see
CKB Benedum Clarksburg see
CKD Crooked Creek Crooked Creek see
CKE Clear Lake Clear Lake see
CKK Cherokee Cherokee see
CKM Fletcher Field Clarksdale, MS see
CKN Municipal Crookston see
CKR Crane Island Crane Island see
CKU City Cordova see
CKV Outlaw Field Clarksville, TN see
CKX Chicken Chicken see
CLC Metroport Clearlake see
CLD Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport Carlsbad, CA see
CLE Hopkins International Cleveland see
CLG Coalinga Coalinga see
CLI Clintonville Clintonville see
CLK Municipal Clinton see
CLL Easterwood Field College Station, TX see
CLM Fairchild Intl Port Angeles see
CLP Clarks Point Clarks Point see
CLR Calipatria Calipatria see
CLS Centralia Chehalis see
CLT Charlotte Douglas Charlotte see
CLU Columbus Municipal Columbus see
CLW Executive Clearwater see
CMH Port Columbus Intl Columbus see
CMI University Of Illinois Willard Champaign see
CMX Houghton County Hancock see
CMY Fort Mccoy Sparta see
CNE Canon City Canon City see
CNH Municipal Claremont see
CNK Blosser Municipal Concordia see
CNM Carlsbad Carlsbad see
CNO Chino Chino see
CNU Martin Johnson Chanute see
CNW TSTC Waco Airport Waco, TX see
CNY Canyonlands Field Moab see
COA Columbia Columbia see
COD Yellowstone Regional Cody/Yellowstone see
COI Merritt Island Cocoa see
COM Coleman Coleman see
CON Concord Concord, NH see
COP Cooperstown - Westville Airport Cooperstown, NY see
COS Colorado Springs Colorado Springs see
COT Cotulla Cotulla see
COU Columbia Regional Columbia see
CPM Compton Compton, CA see
CPR Natrona County International Airport Casper, WY see
CPS St. Louis Downtown Airport St Louis, Il see
CRE Grand Strand Airport Myrtle Beach see
CRG Craig Municipal Jacksonville see
CRO Corcoran Corcoran see
CRP Corpus Christi International Airport Corpus Christi, TX see
CRS Corsicana Corsicana see
CRT Municipal Crossett see
CRW Yeager Charleston see
CRX Roscoe Turner Corinth see
CSG Columbus Metropolitan Columbus, GA see
CSM Sherman Clinton see
CSN Carson City Carson City see
CSP Coast Guard Heliport Cape Spencer see
CSQ Municipal Creston see
CSV Memorial Crossville see
CTB Cut Bank Cut Bank see
CTH Chestercounty Carlson Coatesville see
CTK Canton Canton see
CTO Peconic River Calverton see
CTW Cottonwood Cottonwood see
CTX Cortland Cortland see
CTY Cross City Cross City see
CTZ Sampson County Clinton see
CUB Owens Field Columbia see
CUH Municipal Cushing see
CUS Municipal Columbus see
CUW Cube Cove Cube Cove see
CVG Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Covington, KY see
CVN Municipal Clovis see
CVO Albany Albany see
CVR Hughes Culver City see
CVS Cannon AFB Clovis see
CWA Central Wisconsin Wausau see
CWG Callaway Gardens Callaway Gardens see
CWI Clinton Clinton see
CWO Ft Wolter AAF Mineral Wells see
CXC Chitina Arpt Chitina see
CXF Coldfoot Coldfoot see
CXL International Calexico see
CXO Montgomery Co Conroe see
CYE Crystal Lake Crystal Lake see
CYF Chefornak SPB Chefornak see
CYM Chatham SPB Chatham see
CYS Cheyenne Cheyenne see
CYT Intermediate Yakataga see
CZC Copper Centre Copper Centre see
CZF Cape Romanzof Cape Romanzof see
CZK Cascade Locks/Stevens Cascade Locks see
CZN Chisana Field Chisana see
CZO Chistochina Chistochina see
CZP Cape Pole Cape Pole see
CZT Carrizo Springs Carrizo Springs see
CZZ Campo Campo see
DAA Davison AAF Fort Belvoir see
DAB Regional Daytona Beach see
DAG Barstow-Daggett Daggett see
DAL Love Field Dallas see
DAN Municipal Danville see
DAY James Cox Dayton Intl Dayton, OH see
DBN Municipal Dublin see
DBQ Municipal Dubuque see
DBS Dubois Dubois see
DCA Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Washington, DC see
DCK Dahl Creek Arpt Dahl Creek see
DCR Decatur Hi-Way Decatur see
DDC Dodge City Municipal Dodge City see
DEC Decatur Arpt Decatur see
DEH Municipal Decorah see
DEN Denver International Denver see
DEO Hyatt Regency H/P Dearborn see
DET Detroit City Detroit, MI see
DFI Memorial Defiance see
DFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Dallas, TX see
DGB Danger Bay Danger Bay see
DGF Bisbee-Douglas International Douglas see
DGL Douglas Municipal Douglas see
DGN NAF Dahlgren see
DGW Converse County Douglas see
DHN Dothan Arpt Dothan see
DHT Dalhart Dalhart see
DIK Dickinson Dickinson see
DIO Diomede Island Diomede Island see
DJN Delta Junction Delta Junction see
DKK Dunkirk Dunkirk see
DLF Laughlin Afb Del Rio see
DLG Municipal Dillingham see
DLH Duluth International Duluth see
DLL Dillon Dillon see
DLN Dillon Dillon see
DLO Dolomi Dolomi see
DLS Columbia Gorge Regional/The Dalles Municipal Airport The Dalles see
DMN Deming Deming see
DMO Sedalia Sedalia see
DNE Dallas North Airport Dallas see
DNL Daniel Field Augusta, GA see
DNN Municipal Dalton see
DNS Municipal Denison see
DNT Downtown Heliport Santa Ana see
DNV Vermilion County Danville, IL see
DOF Dora Bay Dora Bay see
DOV Dover AFB Dover-Cheswold, DE see
DPA Dupage County Chicago see
DPG Michael AAF Dugway see
DPK Deer Park Deer Park see
DRA Desert Rock Mercury, NV see
DRE Drummond Island Drummond Island see
DRF Drift River Drift River see
DRG Deering Deering see
DRI Beauregard Parish De Ridder see
DRO La Plata Durango see
DRT International Del Rio see
DRU Drummond Drummond see
DSI Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport Destin see
DSM Des Moines International Des Moines, IA see
DTA Delta Delta see
DTH Death Valley Death Valley see
DTL Municipal Detroit Lakes see
DTN Shreveport Downtown Shreveport, LA see
DTR Decatur Island Decatur Island see
DTW Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Detroit, MI see
DUA Eaker Durant see
DUC Halliburton Field Duncan see
DUF Pine Island Airport Corolla, NC see
DUG Bisbee-Douglas Intl Douglas see
DUJ Du Bois-Jefferson County Du Bois see
DUT Emergency Field Dutch Harbor see
DVL Devils Lake Devils Lake see
DVN Davenport Davenport see
DVT Phoenix Deer Valley Airport Phoenix see
DWF Wright AFB Dayton see
DWH David Wayne Hooks Houston see
DWN Downtown Airpark Oklahoma City see
DWS Walt Disney World Orlando see
DXR Danbury Municipal Airport Danbury, CT see
DYL Doylestown Doylestown see
DYS Dyess AFB Abilene see
EAA Eagle Eagle see
EAN Phifer Field Wheatland see
EAR Kearney Kearney see
EAT Pangborn Field Wenatchee see
EAU Chippewa Valley Regional Airport Eau Claire, WI see
EBR Downtown Baton Rouge see
EBS Municipal Webster City see
ECA Emmet County Airport East Tawas see
ECG Elizabeth City Elizabeth City, NC see
ECP Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport Panama City Beach see
ECS Mondell Newcastle see
EDA Edna Bay Edna Bay see
EDE Municipal Edenton see
EDF Elmendorf Afb Anchorage see
EDG Weide AAF Edgewood see
EDK El Dorado El Dorado see
EDW Edwards AFB Edwards AFB see
EED Needles Needles see
EEK Eek Eek see
EEN Dillant-Hopkins Keene see
EFB Eight Fathom Bight Eight Fathom Bight see
EFD Ellington Field Houston see
EFK Newport Newport see
EFW Municipal Jefferson see
EGE Eagle County Vail/Eagle see
EGI Duke Field Valparaiso see
EGP Maverick Co Eagle Pass see
EGV Eagle River Eagle River see
EGX Egegik Egegik see
EHM Cape Newenham Cape Newenham see
EHT Rentschler East Hartford see
EIL Eielson AFB Fairbanks see
EKA Murray Field Eureka, CA see
EKI Municipal Elkhart see
EKN Elkins Elkins see
EKO Elko Regional Elko, NV see
EKX Elizabethtown Elizabethtown see
ELA Eagle Lake Eagle Lake see
ELD Goodwin Field El Dorado see
ELI Elim Elim see
ELK Municipal Elk City see
ELM Elmira Corning Regional Corning, NY see
ELN Bowers Field Ellensburg see
ELP El Paso International Airport El Paso see
ELV Elfin Cove SPB Elfin Cove see
ELW Ellamar Ellamar see
ELY Yelland Ely see
ELZ Municipal Wellsville see
EMB Embarkadero San Francisco see
EMK Emmonak Emmonak see
EMM Kemerer Kemerer see
EMP Emporia Emporia see
EMT El Monte El Monte see
ENA Kenai Kenai see
END Vance Afb Enid see
ENL Municipal Centralia see
ENN Municipal Nenana see
ENV Wendover Wendover see
ENW Kenosha Regional Airport Kenosha see
EOK Keokuk Keokuk see
EOS Neosho Neosho see
EPG Browns Weeping Water see
EPH Ephrata Ephrata see
ERI International Erie see
ERO Coast Guard Eldred Rock see
ERR Errol Errol see
ERV Kerrville Kerrville, TX see
ESC Delta County Arpt Escanaba see
ESD Orcas Island Eastsound see
ESF Esler Field Alexandria see
ESN Easton Easton see
ESO Espanola Espanola see
ESP Birchwood-Pocono East Stroudsburg see
EST Municipal Estherville see
ESW State Easton see
ETB West Bend West Bend see
ETN Municipal Eastland see
ETS Municipal Enterprise see
EUE Eureka Eureka see
EUF Weedon Field Eufaula see
EUG Eugene Eugene see
EVA Landing Strip Evadale see
EVM Eveleth Eveleth see
EVV Evansville Regional Airport Evansville, IN see
EVW Evanston Evanston see
EWB New Bedford New Bedford see
EWD Wildman Lake Wildman Lake see
EWK City-County Newton see
EWN Simmons Nott New Bern, NC see
EWR Newark Liberty International Newark see
EXI SPB Excursion Inlet see
EYR Yerington Yerington see
EYW International Key West see
FAF Felker AAF Fort Eustis see
FAI Fairbanks International Airport Fairbanks see
FAK False Island False Island see
FAL Falcon State Roma see
FAM Regional Farmington see
FAR Hector Field Fargo see
FAT Fresno Air Terminal Airport Fresno see
FAY Municipal Fayetteville see
FBG Simmons AAF Fort Bragg see
FBK Ft Wainwright Fairbanks, AK see
FBL Municipal Faribault see
FBR Fort Bridger Fort Bridger see
FBS Friday Harbor SPB Friday Harbor SPB see
FBY Municipal Fairbury see
FCA Glacier Park International Kalispell, MT see
FCH Fresno-Chandler Fresno see
FCM Flying Cloud Minneapolis see
FCS Butts AAF Colorado Springs see
FCT Firing Center AAF Yakima see
FCY Municipal Forrest City see
FDK Frederick Municipal Frederick see
FDR Municipal Frederick see
FDY Findlay Findlay see
FEP Albertus Freeport see
FET Municipal Fremont see
FEW Warren AFB Cheyenne see
FFA First Flight Kill Devil Hills see
FFL Municipal Fairfield see
FFM Fergus Falls Fergus Falls see
FFO Patterson Afb Dayton see
FFT Capital City Frankfort, KY see
FHU Municipal Sierra Vista see
FIC Fire Cove Fire Cove see
FID Elizabeth Field Fishers Island see
FIL Municipal Fillmore see
FIT Fitchburg Municipal Airport Fitchburg, MA see
FIV Five Finger Five Finger Coast Guard Heliport see
FKL Chess-Lambertin Franklin see
FKN Municipal Franklin see
FLD Fond Du Lac Fond Du Lac see
FLE Fort Lee AAF Petersburg see
FLG Pulliam Field Grand Canyon see
FLJ Falls Bay Falls Bay see
FLL Fort Lauderdale/hollywood International Fort Lauderdale, FL see
FLO Florence Florence see
FLP Flippin Flippin see
FLT Flat Flat see
FLU Flushing New York see
FLV Sherman AAF Fort Leavenworth see
FLX Municipal Fallon see
FMC Five Mile Five Mile see
FME Tipton AAF Fort Meade see
FMH Otis AFB Falmouth see
FMN Municipal Farmington see
FMS Municipal Fort Madison see
FMY Page Field Fort Myers see
FNK Fin Creek Fin Creek see
FNL Municipal Airport Fort Collins/Loveland see
FNR SPB Funter Bay see
FNT Bishop International Airport Flint see
FOB Fort Bragg Fort Bragg see
FOD Fort Dodge Regional Fort Dodge, IA see
FOE Forbes Field Topeka, KS see
FOK Suffolk County Westhampton see
FOX Fox Fox see
FPR St Lucie County Fort Pierce see
FPY Perry-Foley Perry see
FRD Friday Harbor Friday Harbor see
FRG Republic Field Farmingdale see
FRH Municipal French Lick see
FRI Marshall AAF Fort Riley, KS see
FRM Fairmont Fairmont see
FRN Bryant AAF Fort Richardson see
FRP Fresh Water Bay Fresh Water Bay see
FRR Front Royal-Warren County Front Royal, VA see
FRY Fryeburg Fryeburg see
FSD Joe Foss Field Airport Sioux Falls see
FSI Henry Post AAF Fort Sill see
FSK Municipal Fort Scott see
FSM Regional Fort Smith see
FSN Haley AAF Fort Sheridan see
FST Pecos County Fort Stockton see
FSU Fort Sumner Fort Sumner see
FTG Front Range Airport Watkins see
FTK Godman AAF Fort Knox see
FTL Fortuna Ledge Fortuna Ledge see
FTW Meacham Field Fort Worth see
FTY Fulton County Atlanta see
FUL Municipal Fullerton see
FWA Municipal/Baer Field Fort Wayne see
FWH Fort Worth NAS Jrb/Carswell Field Fort Worth, TX see
FWL Farewell Farewell see
FXE Executive Fort Lauderdale see
FXM Flaxman Island Flaxman Island see
FXY Municipal Forest City see
FYM Municipal Fayetteville see
FYU Fort Yukon Fort Yukon see
FYV Municipal Fayetteville see
GAB Gabbs Gabbs see
GAD Municipal Gadsden see
GAG Gage Gage, OK see
GAI Montgomery County Gaithersburg see
GAK Gakona Gakona see
GAL Galena Galena see
GAM Gambell Gambell see
GBD Great Bend Great Bend see
GBG Galesburg Galesburg see
GBH Galbraith Lake Galbraith Lake see
GBO Baltimore Greenbelt T Baltimore see
GBR Walter J. Koladza Airport Great Barrington see
GCC Campbell County Gillette see
GCK Garden City Municipal Airport Garden City, KS see
GCN National Park Grand Canyon see
GCY Municipal Greenville see
GDH Golden Horn Lodge SPB Golden Horn Lodge, AK see
GDM Municipal Gardner see
GDV Dawson Community Glendive see
GDW Gladwin Gladwin see
GED Sussex County Georgetown see
GEG Spokane International Spokane see
GEK Ganes Creek Ganes Creek see
GEY South Big Horn County Greybull see
GFA Malmstrom AFB Great Falls see
GFB Togiak Fish Togiak Fish see
GFD Pope Field Greenfield see
GFK Grand Forks Grand Forks see
GFL Warren County Glens Falls see
GGE Georgetown Georgetown see
GGG Kilgore Kilgore see
GGW International Glasgow see
GHM Municipal Centerville see
GIF Gilbert Field Winter Haven see
GJT Walker Field Grand Junction see
GKN Gulkana Gulkana see
GKT Gatlinburg Gatlinburg see
GLD Renner Field Goodland see
GLE Municipal Gainesville see
GLH Greenville Greenville see
GLQ Glennallen Glennallen see
GLR Otsego County Gaylord see
GLS Scholes Field Galveston see
GLV Golovin Golovin see
GLW Municipal Glasgow see
GMT Granite Mountain Granite Mountain see
GMU Greenville Downtown Greenville see
GMV Monument Valley Monument Valley Gldngs see
GNG Gooding Gooding see
GNT Milan Grants see
GNU Goodnews Bay Goodnews Bay see
GNV Gainesville Regional Gainesville see
GOF Goodfellow AFB San Angelo see
GOK Guthrie Guthrie see
GOL State Gold Beach see
GON New London New London see
GPT Gulfport-Biloxi International Gulfport see
GPZ Grand Rapids Grand Rapids see
GQQ Galion Galion see
GRB Austin-straubel Field Green Bay see
GRD Greenwood Greenwood see
GRE Municipal Greenville see
GRF Gray AAF Tacoma see
GRI Grand Island Grand Island, NE see
GRK Robert Gray AAF Fort Hood, TX see
GRM Devils Track Grand Marais see
GRN Gordon Gordon see
GRR Gerald R. Ford International Grand Rapids, MI see
GSH Goshen Goshen see
GSO Piedmont Triad Intl Greensboro, NC see
GSP Greenville Spartanburg International Airport Greenville-Spartanburg, SC see
GST Gustavus Arpt Gustavus see
GTF International Great Falls see
GTG Municipal Grantsburg see
GTR Golden Triangle Reg. Columbus see
GTY Gettysburg Gettysburg see
GUC Gunnison Gunnison see
GUF Edwards Gulf Shores see
GUN Gunter AFB Montgomery see
GUP Senator Clark Gallup see
GUS Grissom Afb Peru, Indiana see
GUY Guymon Guymon see
GVE Municipal Gordonsville see
GVL Lee Gilmer Memorial Gainesville see
GVT Majors Field Greenville see
GVW Richards-Gebaur Grandview see
GWO Leflore Greenwood see
GWS Glenwood Springs Glenwood Springs see
GWV Glendale Glendale see
GXY Weld County Greeley see
GYR Litchfield Goodyear see
GYY Gary/Chicago International Gary, IN see
HAB Marion County Hamilton see
HAE Havasupai Havasupai see
HAF Half Moon Half Moon see
HAI Dr Haines Three Rivers see
HAO Hamilton Hamilton see
HAR Capital City Harrisburg see
HAX Hatbox Field Muskogee see
HAY Haycock Haycock see
HBB Industrial Airpark Hobbs see
HBG The Hattiesburg-Bobby L. Chain Mun. Hattiesburg see
HBH Hobart Bay Hobart Bay see
HBO Municipal Humboldt see
HBR Hobart Hobart, OK see
HCA Howard County Big Spring see
HCB Shoal Cove Shoal Cove see
HCR Holy Cross Holy Cross see
HCW Cheraw Cheraw see
HDA Hidden Falls Hidden Falls see
HDE Brewster Field Holdrege see
HDH Dillingham Airfield Oahu see
HDN Yampa Valley Hayden see
HED Herendeen Herendeen see
HEE Thompson-Robbins Helena see
HES State Hermiston see
HEY Hanchey Army Heliport Ozark see
HEZ Hardy-Anders Natchez see
HFD Brainard Hartford see
HFF Mackall AAF Hoffman see
HFY Greenwood Municipal Airport Greenwood, IN see
HGR Wash. County Regional Hagerstown see
HGT Hunter AAF Jolon see
HGZ Hogatza Hogatza see
HHH Hilton Head Hilton Head see
HHI Wheeler AFB Wahiawa see
HHR Hawthorne Hawthorne see
HIB Chisholm Chisholm see
HIE Regional Whitefield see
HIF Hill Afb Ogden see
HII Municipal Lake Havasu City see
HIK Hickam AFB Honolulu see
HIO Portland Hillsboro see
HKA Municipal Blytheville see
HKB Healy Lake Healy Lake see
HKS Hawkins Field Jackson see
HKY Hickory Hickory see
HLB Hillenbrand Batesville see
HLC Hill City Hill City see
HLG Ohio County Wheeling see
HLI Hollister Hollister see
HLM Park Township Holland see
HLN Helena Helena see
HLR Fort Hood AAF Killeen see
HMN Holloman AFB Alamogordo see
HMT Ryan Field Hemet see
HNB Municipal Huntingburg see
HNC Hatteras Hatteras see
HNE Tahneta Pass Tahneta Pass Lodge see
HNH Hoonah Hoonah see
HNL Honolulu International Honolulu see
HNM Hana Hana see
HNS Municipal Haines see
HOB Lea County Hobbs see
HOL Holikachu Holikachu see
HOM Homer Homer see
HON Howes Huron see
HOP Campbell AAF Hopkinsville see
HOT Memorial Field Hot Springs see
HOU William P Hobby Houston, TX see
HPB Hooper Bay Hooper Bay see
HPN Westchester County Apt White Plains see
HPT Municipal Hampton see
HPV Princeville Kauai Island see
HPY Baytown Airport Baytown see
HQM Bowerman Hoquiam see
HRL Valley International Harlingen see
HRO Boone County Harrison see
HSB Raleigh Harrisburg see
HSH Henderson Sky Harbor Las Vegas see
HSI Hastings Hastings see
HSL Huslia Huslia see
HSP Ingalls Field Hot Springs see
HST AFB Homestead see
HSV Huntsville International - Carl T. Jones Field Huntsville, AL see
HTH Hawthorne Hawthorne see
HTL Roscommon County Houghton see
HTO East Hampton East Hampton see
HTS Tri-State/Milton Huntington see
HTW Lawrence County Airpark Chesapeake/Huntington Wva see
HUD Humboldt Humboldt see
HUF Hulman Field Terre Haute see
HUJ Hugo Hugo see
HUL International Houlton see
HUM Terrebonne Houma see
HUS Municipal Hughes see
HUT Hutchinson Hutchinson see
HVE Intermediate Hanksville see
HVN New Haven New Haven see
HVR City County Havre see
HVS Municipal Hartsville see
HWD Air Terminal Hayward see
HWI SPB Hawk Inlet see
HWO North Perry Hollywood see
HYA Barnstable Hyannis see
HYG SPB Hydaburg see
HYL SPB Hollis see
HYR Municipal Hayward see
HYS Municipal Hays see
HZL Hazleton Hazleton see
IAD Washington Dulles International Washington, DC see
IAG International Niagara Falls see
IAH George Bush Intercontinental Houston see
IAN Bob Barker Memorial Kiana see
ICL Municipal Clarinda see
ICT Mid-Continent Wichita see
ICY Icy Bay Icy Bay see
IDA Fanning Field Idaho Falls see
IDG Municipal Ida Grove see
IDI ndiana County Airport Indiana, PA see
IDP Independence Independence see
IFA Iowa Falls Iowa Falls see
IFP Laughlin Bullhead Intl Bullhead City see
IGG Igiugig Igiugig see
IGM Kingman Kingman see
IJX Municipal Jacksonville see
IKB Wilkes County Wilkesboro see
IKK Greater Kankakee Kankakee see
IKO Nikolski AFS Nikolski see
ILE Municipal Killeen see
ILG Greater Wilmington Wilmington see
ILI Iliamna Iliamna see
ILL Willmar Willmar see
ILM Wilmington International Wilmington see
ILN Clinton Field Wilmington see
IML Imperial Imperial see
IMM Immokalee Immokalee see
IMT Ford Iron Mountain see
IND Indianapolis International Indianapolis, IN see
INK Wink Wink see
INL Falls Intl International Falls see
INR Kincheloe AFB Sault Ste Marie see
INS Af Aux Indian Springs see
INT Smith-Reynolds Winston Salem see
INW Winslow-Lindbergh Winslow, AZ see
IOW Iowa City Iowa City, IA see
IPL Imperial County Imperial see
IPT Lycoming County Williamsport see
IRB Municipal Iraan see
IRC Circle City Circle see
IRK Municipal Kirksville see
IRS Kirsch Municipal Sturgis see
ISL Isabel Pass Isabel Pass see
ISM Kissimmee Gateway Kissimmee see
ISN Sloulin Field Intl Williston see
ISO Stallings Field Kinston see
ISP Long Island Mac Arthur Islip, NY see
ISS Wiscasset Wiscasset see
ISW Alexander Field Wisconsin Rapids see
ISZ Cincinnati-Blue Ash Airport Cincinnati, OH see
ITH Tompkins County Ithaca see
ITO Hilo International Hilo, HI see
IVH Ivishak Ivishak see
IWD Gogebic County Ironwood see
IYK Kern County Inyokern see
JAC Jackson Hole Jackson see
JAE Technology Park Atlanta see
JAJ Perimeter Mall Atlanta see
JAN Jackson-evers Jackson see
JAO Beaver Ruin Atlanta see
JAR Jahrom Jahrom see
JAS County Jasper see
JAX Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL see
JBC Boston City Heliport Boston see
JBK Berkeley Berkeley see
JBP Commerce Bus. Plaza Los Angeles see
JBR Jonesboro Jonesboro see
JBS Hacienda Bus.Park H/P Pleasanton see
JBT City Landing Bethel see
JCC China Basin Heliport San Francisco see
JCE Convention Center H/P Oakland see
JCI New Century Aircenter Airport Olathe, KS see
JCT Kimble County Junction, TX see
JCY Johnson Johnson see
JDA John Day John Day see
JDB Downtown Heliport Dallas see
JDM Downtown Heliport Miami see
JDN Jordan Jordan see
JDT Downtown Heliport Minneapolis see
JDY Heliport Downey see
JEF Memorial Jefferson City, MO see
JEM Heliport Emeryville see
JFK John F Kennedy International New York see
JFN Ashtabula Jefferson see
JGC Heliport Grand Canyon see
JGL Galleria Heliport Atlanta see
JGX Heliport Glendale see
JHC Island Heliport Garden City see
JHM Kapalua West Maui Lahaina see
JHW Jamestown Jamestown see
JHY Hyatt Regency H/P Cambridge see
JID City Of Industry H/P Los Angeles see
JIO Intl Heliport Ontario see
JKV Cherokee County Jacksonville, TX see
JLA Quartz Creek Cooper Lodge see
JLB Heliport Long Beach see
JLH US Army Heliport Arlington Heights see
JLN Joplin Regional Joplin, MO see
JMC Marin County Sausalito, CA see
JMD Market Centre H/P Dallas see
JMH Marriott Heliport Schaumburg see
JMN Municipal Heliport Mankato see
JMS Jamestown Jamestown see
JNH North Park Inn H/P Dallas see
JNP Heliport Newport Beach see
JNU Boundary Bay Juneau see
JOC Centerport Heliport Santa Ana see
JOR The City Heliport Orange see
JOT Municipal Joliet see
JPD Heliport Pasadena see
JPN Pentagon Army Washington see
JQF Concord Regional Concord, NC see
JRA West 30th St Heliport New York see
JRB Downtown Manhattan H/p New York, NY see
JRC Municipal Heliport Rochester see
JRE East 60th Street H/P New York see
JSD Sikorsky Heliport Stratford, CT see
JSG San Rafael H/P San Rafael see
JSK Municipal Heliport Saint Cloud see
JSL Steel Pier Hlpt Atlantic City see
JST Cambria County Johnstown see
JUP Cable Heliport Upland see
JVI Central Jersey Regional Airport Manville see
JVL Rock County Janesville see
JXN Reynolds Municipal Jackson see
KAE SPB Kake see
KAL Kaltag Kaltag see
KBC Birch Creek Birch Creek see
KBE Hot Springs SPB Bell Island see
KBK Klag Bay Klag Bay see
KBW Chignik Bay Chignik see
KCC Coffman Cove SPB Coffman Cove see
KCG Fisheries Chignik see
KCL Lagoon Chignik see
KCN SPB Chernofski see
KCQ Chignik Chignik see
KCR Colorado Creek Colorado Creek see
KDK Municipal Kodiak see
KEB Nanwalek Nanwalek see
KEH Kenmore Air Harbor Kenmore Air Harbor see
KEK Ekwok Ekwok see
KEU Kelly Bar Kelly Bar see
KFP False Pass False Pass see
KGK New Koliganek New Koliganek see
KGX Grayling Grayling see
KGZ Glacier Creek Glacier Creek see
KIB SPB Ivanof Bay see
KIC Mesa Del Rey King City see
KIP Kickapoo Wichita Falls see
KKA Koyuk Koyuk see
KKB SPB Kitoi Bay see
KKH Kongiganak Kongiganak see
KKI Spb Akiachak see
KKK Kalakaket AFS Kalakaket see
KKL Karluk Lake SPB Karluk Lake see
KKT Kentland Kentland see
KKU Ekuk Ekuk see
KLG Municipal Kalskag see
KLL Levelock Levelock see
KLN Larsen SPB Larsen Bay see
KLP Kelp Bay Kelp Bay see
KLS Longview Kelso see
KLW Klawock Klawock see
KMO Manokotak SPB Manokotak see
KMY Moser Bay Moser Bay see
KNB Kanab Kanab see
KNK Kakhonak Kakhonak see
KNT Municipal Kennett see
KNW New Stuyahok New Stuyahok see
KOA Kona International Airport Kona, HI see
KOT Kotlik Kotlik see
KOY Olga Bay SPB Olga Bay see
KOZ Ouzinkie SPB Ouzinkie see
KPB Point Baker SPB Point Baker see
KPC Port Clarence Port Clarence see
KPD King Of Prussia King Of Prussia see
KPH Pauloff Harbor SPB Pauloff Harbor see
KPK Parks SPB Parks see
KPN Kipnuk SPB Kipnuk see
KPR Port Williams SPB Port Williams see
KPT Jackpot Jackpot see
KPV Perryville SPB Perryville see
KPY Port Bailey SPB Port Bailey see
KQA Akutan Akutan see
KSM Saint Marys Saint Marys see
KSR Federal No 1 Sandy River see
KTB Thorne Bay Thorne Bay see
KTH SPB Tikchik see
KTN International Ketchikan see
KTS Brevig Mission Teller Mission see
KUK Kasigluk Kasigluk see
KUY Kamusi Airport Kamusi see
KVC King Cove King Cove see
KVL Kivalina Kivalina see
KWF Waterfall SPB Waterfall see
KWK Kwigillingok Kwigillingok see
KWN Kwinhagak Quinhagak see
KWP Village SPB West Point see
KWT Kwethluk Kwethluk see
KXA Kasaan SPB Kasaan see
KYK Karluk Karluk see
KYL Port Largo Key Largo see
KYO Topp Of Tampa Tampa see
KYU Koyukuk Koyukuk see
KZB Zachar Bay SPB Zachar Bay see
KZH Kizhuyak Kizhuyak see
LAA Lamar Field Lamar see
LAF Purdue University Lafayette see
LAL Municipal Lakeland see
LAM Los Alamos Los Alamos see
LAN Capital City Lansing see
LAR General Brees Field Laramie see
LAS Mc Carran Intl Las Vegas see
LAW Municipal Lawton see
LAX Los Angeles International Los Angeles see
LBB International Lubbock see
LBE Westmoreland County Latrobe see
LBF Lee Bird Field North Platte see
LBL Municipal Liberal see
LBT Lumberton Lumberton see
LCH Municipal Lake Charles see
LCI Municipal Laconia see
LCK Rickenbacker Columbus see
LDJ Linden Linden see
LDM Mason County Ludington see
LEB White River White River see
LEE Leesburg Leesburg see
LEM Lemmon Lemmon see
LEW Auburn Lewiston see
LEX Blue Grass Lexington see
LFI Langley AFB Hampton, VA see
LFK Lufkin Angelina County Lufkin, TX see
LFN Franklin Louisburg see
LFT Lafayette Regional Lafayette, LA see
LGA La Guardia New York see
LGB Long Beach Municipal Long Beach see
LGC Calloway La Grange see
LGD La Grande La Grande see
LGF Laguna AAF Yuma see
LGU Cache Logan see
LHB Lost Harbor Sea Port Lost Harbor see
LHM Lincoln Regional Airport Lincoln, CA see
LHV W T Piper Memorial Lock Haven see
LIC Municipal Limon see
LIH Lihue Kauai Island see
LIJ Long Island Long Island see
LIT Adams Field Airport Little Rock, AR see
LIV Livengood Livengood, AK see
LIZ Loring AFB Limestone see
LJN Brazoria County Lake Jackson see
LKE Kenmore Air Harbor SPB Seattle, WA see
LKI Lakeside USAF Duluth see
LKK Kulik Lake Kulik Lake see
LKP Lake Placid Lake Placid see
LKS Lakeside Lakeside see
LKV Lake County Lakeview see
LLX Lyndonville Lyndonville see
LLY Burlington County Mount Holly see
LMA Lake Minchumina Lake Minchumina see
LMS Winston County Louisville see
LMT Kingsley Field Klamath Falls see
LNA Palm Beach County Park West Palm Beach see
LND Hunt Field Lander see
LNI Dew Station Lonely see
LNK Lincoln Lincoln, NE see
LNN Lost Nation Willoughby see
LNP Wise Wise see
LNR Tri County Lone Rock see
LNS Lancaster Lancaster see
LNY Lanai City Lanai City see
LOG Longview Longview see
LOL Derby Field Lovelock see
LOR Lowe Army Heliport Ozark, AL see
LOT Lewis Lockport Lockport see
LOU Bowman Field Airport Louisville see
LOZ Corbin-London London see
LPC Lompoc Airport Lompoc see
LPO Municipal Laporte see
LPS Lopez Island Lopez Island see
LPW Little Port Walter Little Port Walter see
LQK Pickens Pickens see
LRD International Laredo see
LRF Little Rock Afb Jacksonville see
LRJ Municipal Lemars see
LRK Coast Guard Lincoln Rock, AK see
LRO Sharpe AAF Lathrop see
LRU Municipal Las Cruces, NM see
LSB Lordsburg Lordsburg see
LSD Blue Grass Station Army Heliport Lexington, KY see
LSE Municipal La Crosse see
LSF Lawson Aaf Columbus see
LSN Los Banos Los Banos see
LSR Lost River Lost River see
LSV Nellis AFB Las Vegas, NV see
LTH Lathrop Wells Lathrop Wells see
LTS Altus AFB Altus see
LTW St Marys County Leonardtown see
LUF Luke Afb Phoenix see
LUK Cincinnati Municipal-Lunken Field Cincinnati, OH see
LUL Hesler-Noble Field Laurel, MS see
LUP Kalaupapa Kalaupapa see
LUR Cape Lisburne Cape Lisburne see
LVD Lime Village Lime Village see
LVK Livermore Livermore see
LVL Lawrenceville Lawrenceville see
LVM Mission Field Livingston see
LVS Las Vegas Las Vegas see
LWB Greenbrier Valley Lewisburg see
LWC Lawrence Lawrence see
LWL Harriet Field Wells see
LWM Lawrence Lawrence see
LWS Nez Perce County Rgnl Lewiston see
LWT Municipal Lewistown see
LWV Municipal Lawrenceville see
LXN Lexington Lexington see
LXV Leadville Leadville see
LYH Preston-glenn Field Lynchburg, VA see
LYU Ely Ely see
LZU Gwinnett County Airport Lawrenceville see
MAC Smart Macon see
MAE Madera Madera see
MAF Midland International Midland see
MAW Malden Malden see
MBG Mobridge Mobridge see
MBL Blacker Manistee see
MBS MBS International Saginaw see
MBY Moberly Moberly see
MCB Pike County Mccomb see
MCC Mcclellan AFB Sacramento, CA see
MCD Mackinac Island Mackinac Island see
MCE Merced Municipal Arpt Merced see
MCF Mac Dill AFB Tampa see
MCG Mcgrath Mcgrath see
MCI Kansas City International Airport Kansas City see
MCK Mccook Mccook see
MCL Mt Mckinley Mt Mckinley see
MCN Lewis B Wilson Macon see
MCO Orlando International Orlando see
MCW Mason City Municipal Mason City, IA see
MDA Martindale Army Heliport San Antonio, TX see
MDD Airpark Midland see
MDF Medford Medford see
MDH Southern Illinois Carbondale see
MDJ City-county Madras see
MDN Jefferson Proving Grd Madison see
MDO Intermediate Middleton Island see
MDR Medfra Medfra see
MDT Harrisburg International Harrisburg, PA see
MDW Midway Chicago see
MEI Key Field Meridian see
MEJ Meadville Meadville see
MEM Memphis International Memphis see
MEO Dare County Regional Manteo see
MER Castle AFB Atwater, CA see
MEV Douglas County Minden see
MFD Lahm Municipal Mansfield see
MFE Mc Allen Miller International Mc Allen, TX see
MFI Municipal Marshfield see
MFR Rogue Valley International - Medford Airport Medford see
MFV Accomack County Melfa, VA see
MGC Michigan City Arpt Michigan City see
MGE Dobbins Afb Marietta see
MGI Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Matagorda Island, TX see
MGJ Orange County Montgomery see
MGM Dannelly Fld Montgomery see
MGR Moultrie Municipal Moultrie see
MGW Morgantown Morgantown see
MGY Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport Dayton see
MHE Municipal Mitchell see
MHK Municipal Manhattan see
MHM Intermediate Minchumina see
MHN Mullen Mullen see
MHR Sacramento Mather Airport Sacramento, CA see
MHS Rep Mount Shasta see
MHT Manchester-boston Regional Airport Manchester, NH see
MHV Kern County Mojave see
MIA Miami International Airport Miami see
MIB Minot AFB Minot see
MIC Crystal Minneapolis see
MIE Delaware County Muncie see
MIF Roy Hurd Memorial Monahans see
MIO Miami Miami see
MIT Kern County Shafter see
MIV Millville Millville see
MIW Municipal Marshalltown see
MJQ Jackson Jackson see
MKC Downtown Kansas City see
MKE General Mitchell International Milwaukee see
MKF Mckenna AAF Columbus see
MKG Muskegon Muskegon see
MKK Molokai Hoolehua see
MKL Mc Kellar-Sipes Regional Jackson see
MKO Davis Field Muskogee see
MKT Municipal Mankato see
MLB Melbourne International Airport Melbourne see
MLC Mc Alester Mc Alester see
MLD Malad City Malad City see
MLF Milford Milford see
MLI Quad-City Moline see
MLJ Baldwin County Milledgeville see
MLK Malta Malta see
MLL Marshall Marshall see
MLS Municipal Miles City see
MLT Millinocket Millinocket see
MLU Municipal Monroe see
MLY Manley Hot Springs Manley Hot Springs see
MMH Mammoth Lakes Mammoth Lakes see
MMI McMinn County Athens see
MML Municipal-Ryan Field Marshall see
MMN Minute Man Airfield Stow see
MMT Mc Entire ANG Base Columbia see
MMU Municipal Morristown see
MNM Menominee Menominee see
MNN Municipal Marion see
MNT Minto Minto see
MNZ Manassas Regional Airport/Harry P. Davis Field Manassas, VA see
MOB Mobile Regional Airport Alabama, AL see
MOD Municipal Modesto, CA see
MOP Municipal Mount Pleasant see
MOR Moore-Murrell Morristown see
MOS Intermediate Moses Point see
MOT International Minot see
MOU Mountain Village Mountain Village see
MOX Municipal Morris see
MPB SPB Miami see
MPE Griswold Madison see
MPJ Petit Jean Park Morrilton see
MPO Mt Pocono Mt Pocono see
MPR Mcpherson Mcpherson see
MPS Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant see
MPV Edward F Knapp State Montpelier, VT see
MPZ Municipal Mt Pleasant see
MQB Municipal Macomb see
MQI Quincy Quincy see
MQT Sawyer International Marquette see
MQW Telfair-Wheeler Mc Rae see
MQY Smyrna Smyrna see
MRB Eastern Wv Regional Airport/Shepherd Field Martinsburg see
MRC Maury County Columbia see
MRF Municipal Marfa see
MRI Merrill Field Anchorage see
MRK Marco Island Marco Island see
MRN Lenoir Morganton see
MRY Monterey Peninsula Monterey see
MSC Falcon Field Mesa see
MSD Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant see
MSL Sheffield Sheffield see
MSN Dane County Regional Madison see
MSO Missoula International Missoula see
MSP Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl Minneapolis see
MSS Richards Field Massena see
MSV Sullivan County Intl Monticello see
MSY Louis Armstrong New Orléans International Airport New Orleans see
MTH The Florida Keys Marathon Marathon see
MTJ Montrose Regional Airport Montrose see
MTM SPB Metlakatla see
MTN Glenn L Martin Baltimore see
MTO Coles County Memorial Mattoon see
MTP Montauk Airport Montauk see
MTW Municipal Manitowoc see
MTX Metro Field Fairbanks see
MUE Kamuela Kamuela see
MUI Muir AAF Fort Indiantown see
MUO AFB Mountain Home see
MUT Muscatine Muscatine see
MUU Mount Union Mount Union see
MUV Mustin Alf Philadelphia see
MVC Monroe - Walton County Monroeville see
MVE Montevideo-Chippewa Montevideo, MN see
MVL Morrisville-Stowe Stowe see
MVM Monument Valley Kayenta, AZ see
MVN Mt Vernon-Outland Mt Vernon see
MVW Skagit Regional Mount Vernon see
MVY Martha's Vineyard Vineyard Haven, MA see
MWA Williamson County Marion see
MWC Lawrence J Timmerman Milwaukee see
MWH Grant County Moses Lake see
MWL Mineral Wells Arpt Mineral Wells see
MWM Windom Municipal Windom, MN see
MWO Hook Field Middletown, Ohio see
MWS Mount Wilson Mount Wilson see
MXA Municipal Manila see
MXC San Juan County Monticello see
MXE Maxton Maxton see
MXG Marlborough Marlborough see
MXO Municipal Monticello see
MXY Mccarthy Mccarthy see
MYF Montgomery Field San Diego see
MYH Marble Canyon Marble Canyon see
MYK May Creek May Creek see
MYL Mccall Mccall see
MYR Myrtle Beach Afb Myrtle Beach see
MYU Ellis Field Mekoryuk see
MYV Yuba County Marysville see
MZJ Marana Marana see
MZZ Marion Marion see
NAX Kalaeloa John Rodgers Field Kapolei, Hawaii see
NBG NAS/Alvin Callendar New Orleans see
NBP Battery Pk City/N. Cov New York see
NBU NAS Glenview see
NCN New Chenega New Chenega see
NCQ Atlanta Nas Marietta, GA see
NDP Ellyson NAS Pensacola, FL see
NDV USN Heliport Anacostia, DC see
NEA Brunswick Golden Isles Glynco see
NEL Naec Lakehurst see
NEN Olf Usn Whitehouse see
NES East 34th St Landing New York see
NEW Lakefront New Orleans see
NFL NAS Fallon see
NGC North Rim Grand Canyon see
NGU Nas Chambers Norfolk see
NGZ NAS Alameda see
NHK Patuxent River NAS Patuxent River, MD see
NHX Barin Olf Osn Foley see
NHZ NAS Brunswick see
NIB Nikolai Nikolai see
NIE Niblack Niblack see
NIN Ninilchik Ninilchik see
NIP Jacksonville NAS Jacksonville, FL see
NJK El Centro NAF El Centro, CA see
NKI Naukiti Naukiti see
NKV Nichen Cove Nichen Cove, AK see
NKX Miramar MCAS San Diego see
NLC Lemoore NAS Lemoore, CA see
NLE Jerry Tyler Memorial Niles see
NLG Nelson Lagoon Nelson Lagoon see
NME Nightmute Nightmute see
NNK Naknek Naknek see
NNL Nondalton Nondalton see
NOH Chicago NAS Chicago see
NOL Nakolik River Nakolik River see
NOT Novato Novato see
NPH Nephi Nephi see
NPT State Newport see
NQA Millington Regional Jetport Millington, TN see
NQI NAS Kingsville see
NQX Key West NAS Key West see
NRB Ns Mayport see
NRC Aux Field Crows Landing see
NRI Shangri-la Shangri-la see
NRS NAS Imperial Beach see
NSE Whiting Field NAS Milton see
NSF Andrews NAF Camp Springs see
NTD Point Mugu NAS Port Hueneme, CA see
NTJ Manti-Ephraim Manti see
NTU NAS Oceana see
NUI Nuiqsut Nuiqsut see
NUL Nulato Nulato see
NUP Nunapitchuk Nunapitchuk see
NUQ Moffett Field Mountain View see
NUW Whidbey Island NAS Oak Harbor see
NVD Nevada Nevada see
NWH Parlin Field Newport see
NWS Pier 11/Wall St. SPB New York see
NXX Willow Grove NAS Willow Grove see
NYG Quantico Nas Quantico see
NZW South Weymouth South Weymouth see
NZY North Island Nas San Diego see
OAJ Albert J Ellis Jacksonville see
OAK Oakland International Airport Oakland see
OAR Marina Municipal Marina, CA see
OBE County Okeechobee see
OBT Oakland/Coliseum Stat Oakland, MD see
OBU Kobuk/Wien Kobuk see
OCA Ocean Reef Ocean Reef see
OCE Municipal Ocean City see
OCF Taylor Field Ocala see
OCH A L Mangham Jr. Regional Nacogdoches, TX see
OCI Oceanic Oceanic see
OCN Municipal Oceanside see
OCW Warren Field Washington see
ODW Oak Harbor Oak Harbor see
OEA Oneal Vincennes see
OEO Municipal Osceola see
OFK Stefan Field Norfolk see
OGA Searle Field Ogallala see
OGB Municipal Orangeburg see
OGD Municipal Ogden see
OGG Kahului Maui, HI see
OGS Ogdensburg Ogdensburg see
OHC AFS Northeast Cape see
OIC Eaton Norwich see
OIL Splane Memorial Oil City, PA see
OJC Johnson County Executive Olathe, KS see
OKC Will Rogers World Airport Oklahoma City see
OKK Kokomo Kokomo see
OKM Okmulgee Okmulgee see
OKS Oshkosh Oshkosh see
OLD Old Town Old Town see
OLE Municipal Olean see
OLF International Wolf Point see
OLH Old Harbor SPB Old Harbor see
OLM Olympia Olympia see
OLS International Nogales see
OLU Columbus Municipal Columbus, NE see
OLV Olive Branch Arpt Olive Branch see
OLY Olney-Noble Olney see
OMA Eppley Airfield Omaha see
OME Nome Nome see
OMK Municipal Omak see
ONA Municipal Winona see
ONH Municipal Oneonta see
ONL Municipal Oneill see
ONM Socorro Socorro see
ONN Onion Bay Onion Bay see
ONO Ontario Municipal Airport Ontario, OR see
ONP Newport Newport see
ONT Ontario International Ontario see
ONY Olney Olney see
OOA Municipal Oskaloosa see
OPF Opa Locka Miami see
OPL St Landry Parish Opelousas see
ORD Chicago O'hare International Chicago, Il see
ORF Norfolk International Airport Norfolk see
ORH Worcester Regional Airport Worcester see
ORI Port Lions SPB Port Lions see
ORL Orlando Executive Orlando see
ORQ Heliport Norwalk see
ORT Northway Northway see
ORV Curtis Memorial Noorvik see
OSB Osage Beach Osage Beach see
OSC Wurtsmith AFB Oscoda see
OSH Wittman Field Oshkosh see
OSU Ohio State University Columbus see
OSX Attala County Kosciusko see
OTG Worthington Worthington see
OTH North Bend North Bend see
OTM Industrial Ottumwa see
OTN Green Oaktown see
OTO Vor Otto see
OTS Anacortes Anacortes see
OTZ Kotzebue Kotzebue see
OUN Max Westheimer Norman see
OVE Oroville Oroville see
OWA Owatonna Owatonna see
OWB Daviess County Owensboro see
OWD Memorial Norwood see
OWK Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock Norridgewock see
OXC Waterbury-oxford Oxford, CT see
OXD Miami University Oxford see
OXR Ventura Ventura see
OYS Yosemite Ntl Park Yosemite Ntl Park see
OZA Ozona Municipal Ozona see
OZR Cairns AAF Ozark see
PAE Snohomish County - Paine Field Everett, WA see
PAH Barkley Regional Paducah, KY see
PAK Port Allen Hanapepe see
PAM Tyndall AFB Panama City, FL see
PAO Palo Alto Palo Alto see
PAQ Municipal Palmer see
PBA Point Barrow Barrow see
PBF Grider Field Pine Bluff see
PBG Plattsburgh International Plattsburgh see
PBI Palm Beach International West Palm Beach see
PBK Pack Creek Pack Creek see
PCA Portage Creek Portage Creek see
PCD Municipal Prairie Du Chien see
PCE Painter Creek Painter Creek see
PCK Porcupine Creek Porcupine Creek see
PCT Princeton Princeton see
PCU Pearl River County Picayune see
PDB Pedro Bay Pedro Bay see
PDK Dekalb-Peachtree Atlanta, GA see
PDT Pendleton Pendleton see
PDX Portland International Portland, OR see
PEC Pelican SPB Pelican see
PEQ Pecos City Pecos City see
PFA Paf Warren Paf Warren see
PFC Pacific City State Pacific City, OH see
PFD Port Frederick Port Frederick see
PFN Bay County Panama City see
PGA Page Page see
PGC Grant County Petersburg see
PGD Charlotte County Punta Gorda see
PGM Port Graham Port Graham see
PGR Municipal Paragould see
PGS Peach Springs Peach Springs see
PGV Pitt-Greenville Greenville, NC see
PHD Harry Clever Field New Philadelphia, OH see
PHF Newport News/williamsb Newport News, VA see
PHK Palm Beach Co Glades Pahokee see
PHL Philadelphia International Philadelphia see
PHN St Clair County Intl Port Huron see
PHO Point Hope Point Hope see
PHP Philip Philip see
PHT Henry County Paris see
PHX Sky Harbor Intl Phoenix see
PIA Greater Peoria Peoria, IL see
PIB Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Hattiesburg/Laurel, MS see
PIE St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Clearwater see
PIH Pocatello Pocatello see
PII Phillips Field Fairbanks see
PIM Garden Harris County Pine Mountain see
PIP Pilot Point Pilot Point see
PIR Pierre Pierre see
PIT Pittsburgh International Pittsburgh, PA see
PIZ Dew Station Point Lay see
PJB Payson Payson see
PJS Port San Juan Port San Juan see
PKA SPB Napaskiak see
PKB Wood County Parkersburg see
PKD Park Rapids Park Rapids see
PKF Park Falls Park Falls see
PLB Clinton County Plattsburgh see
PLK M. Graham Clark - Taney County Point Lookout, MO see
PLN Emmet County Pellston see
PLR St Clair County Pell City see
PLY Plymouth Plymouth see
PMB Intermediate Pembina see
PMD La Palmdale Regional Airport Palmdale, CA see
PMH Greater Portsmouth Regional Portsmouth, OH see
PML AFS Port Moller see
PMU SPB Paimiut see
PMX Metropolitan Palmer see
PNC Ponca City Ponca City see
PNE North Philadelphia Philadelphia see
PNN Princeton Princeton see
PNS Regional Pensacola see
PNU Panguitch Panguitch see
PNX Grayson County Sherman-Denison see
POB Pope AFB Fayetteville, NC see
POC Brackett Field La Verne see
POE Polk AAF Fort Polk see
POF Earl Fields Memorial Poplar Bluff see
POH Municipal Pocahontas see
POQ Polk Inlet Polk Inlet see
POU Dutchess County Poughkeepsie see
POY Powell Powell see
PPA Perry Lefors Field Pampa see
PPC Prospect Creek Prospect Creek see
PPF Tri-City Parsons see
PPM Pompano Beach Pompano Beach see
PPV Port Protection Port Protection see
PQI Municipal Presque Isle see
PQS Pilot Station Pilot Station see
PRB Paso Robles Paso Robles see
PRC Prescott Prescott see
PRF Port Johnson Port Johnson see
PRL Port Oceanic Port Oceanic see
PRO Municipal Perry see
PRT Coast Guard Heliport Point Retreat see
PRW Prentice Prentice see
PRX Cox Field Paris see
PRZ Prineville Prineville see
PSB Bellefonte Bellefonte see
PSC Tri-cities Pasco, WA see
PSF Pittsfield Pittsfield see
PSG Petersburg James A Johnson Petersburg, AK see
PSK New River Valley Dublin see
PSM Pease International Portsmouth, NH see
PSN Palestine Municipal Airport Palestine, TX see
PSP Municipal Palm Springs see
PSQ SPB Philadelphia, PA see
PSX Palacios Palacios see
PTA Port Alsworth Port Alsworth see
PTB Dinwiddie County Airport Petersburg, VA see
PTC Port Alice Port Alice see
PTD Port Alexander Port Alexander see
PTH Port Heiden Port Heiden see
PTK Pontiac Pontiac see
PTL Port Armstrong Port Armstrong see
PTN Williams Memorial Patterson see
PTR Pleasant Harbour Pleasant Harbour see
PTS Municipal Pittsburg see
PTT Pratt Pratt see
PTU Platinum Platinum see
PTV Porterville Porterville see
PTW Pottstown/Limerick Pottstown see
PUB Memorial Pueblo see
PUC Carbon County Price see
PUL Poulsbo Poulsbo see
PUO Prudhoe Bay Prudhoe Bay see
PUW Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport Pullman see
PVC Provincetown Provincetown see
PVD T. F. Green Airport Providence see
PVF Placerville Placerville see
PVJ Pauls Valley Municipal Airport Pauls Valley, OK see
PVU Provo Provo see
PVW Hale County Plainview see
PVY Pope Vanoy Pope Vanoy see
PVZ Casement Painesville see
PWA Wiley Post Oklahoma City see
PWD Sherwood Plentywood see
PWK Pal-Waukee Chicago see
PWM Intl Jetport Portland see
PWR Port Walter Port Walter see
PWT Bremerton Bremerton see
PXL Polacca Polacca see
PYL Perry SPB Perry Island see
PYM Plymouth Plymouth see
QCE Van Service Copper Mountain see
QKB Van Service Breckenridge see
QMV Montvale Montvale see
QNY Marine Air Terminal New York see
QWF Fort Collins Bus Servi Fort Collins/Loveland see
QWG Wilgrove Air Park Charlotte, NC see
QWP Van Service Winter Park see
RAC Horlick Racine see
RAL Riverside Municipal Riverside see
RAP Regional Rapid City see
RBD Redbird Dallas see
RBF Big Bear City Arpt Big Bear see
RBG Municipal Roseburg see
RBH Brooks Lodge Brooks Lodge see
RBK French Valley Rancho see
RBL Red Bluff Fss Red Bluff see
RBN Fort Jefferson Fort Jefferson see
RBW Municipal Walterboro see
RBY Ruby Ruby see
RCA Ellsworth Afb Rapid City see
RCE Roche Harbor Roche Harbor see
RCK Coffield Rockdale see
RCP Cinder River Cinder River see
RCR Fulton County Rochester see
RCT Miller Field Reed City see
RDB Red Dog Red Dog, AK see
RDD Redding Redding see
RDG Municipal/Spaatz Fld Reading see
RDM Roberts Field Redmond see
RDR Grand Forks AFB Red River see
RDU Raleigh-durham International Airport Raleigh/Durham, NC see
RDV Red Devil Red Devil see
RED Mifflin County Reedsville see
REE Reese AFB Lubbock see
REH Rehoboth Beach Rehoboth Beach see
REO State Rome see
RFD Greater Rockford Airport Rockford, IL see
RFG Rooke Field Refugio see
RFK Rollang Field Anguilla see
RGR Ranger Municipal Ranger see
RHI Oneida County Rhinelander see
RHV Reid-Hillview San Jose see
RIC Richmond International Airport Richmond, VA see
RID Richmond Municipal Airport Richmond, IN see
RIE Rice Lake Rice Lake see
RIF Reynolds Richfield see
RIL Garfield County Rifle see
RIR Riverside Fla-Bob Riverside see
RIV March ARB Riverside see
RIW Riverton Regional Riverton, WY see
RKC Yreka Yreka see
RKD Knox County Regional Rockland see
RKH Rock Hill Rock Hill see
RKP Aransas County Rockport see
RKR Robert S Kerr Poteau see
RKS Sweetwater County Rock Springs see
RKW Municipal Rockwood see
RLA National Rolla see
RLD Richland Richland see
RLU Bornite Upper Bornite see
RMC Machesney Rockford see
RME Griffiss AFB Rome, NY see
RMG Richard B Russell Rome see
RMP Rampart Rampart see
RNC Warren County Mcminnville see
RND Randolph AFB San Antonio see
RNG Rangely Rangely see
RNH Municipal New Richmond see
RNO Reno-Tahoe International Reno, NV see
RNT Renton Renton, WA see
RNZ Rensselaer Rensselaer see
ROA Roanoke Regional Airport Roanoke see
ROC Greater Rochester International Rochester, NY see
ROG Rogers Rogers see
ROL Roosevelt Roosevelt see
ROW Industrial Roswell see
RPX Roundup Roundup see
RRL Municipal Merrill see
RRT Warroad Warroad see
RSH Russian SPB Russian Mission see
RSJ Rosario SPB Rosario see
RSL Russell Russell see
RSN Ruston Ruston see
RSP Raspberry Strait Raspberry Strait see
RST International Rochester see
RSW Southwest Florida International Fort Myers, FL see
RSX Rouses Point Rouses Point see
RTD Rotunda Rotunda see
RTE Marguerite Bay Marguerite Bay see
RTL Spirit Lake Spirit Lake see
RTN Crews Field Raton see
RUI Municipal Ruidoso see
RUT Rutland Rutland see
RVR Green River Green River see
RWB Rowan Bay Rowan Bay see
RWF Redwood Falls Muni Redwood Falls see
RWI Rocky Mount-wilson Rocky Mount, see
RWL Rawlins Rawlins see
RYY Cobb County - McCollum Field Atlanta, GA see
RZH Quartz Hill Lancaster see
RZZ Halifax County Roanoke Rapids see
SAA Shively Field Saratoga see
SAC Executive Sacramento see
SAD Safford Safford see
SAF Santa Fe Santa Fe see
SAG Sagwon Sagwon see
SAN San Diego International Airport San Diego see
SAR Sparta Community Sparta see
SAS Salton City Salton City see
SAT San Antonio International San Antonio see
SAV Savannah/Hilton Head Savannah see
SBA Municipal Santa Barbara, CA see
SBD Norton Afb San Bernardino see
SBM Memorial Sheboygan see
SBN South Bend Regional South Bend see
SBO Salina Salina see
SBP San Luis County Regional Airport San Luis Obispo see
SBS Steamboat Springs Steamboat Springs see
SBT Tri-City San Bernardino see
SBX Shelby Shelby see
SBY Wicomico Regional Salisbury-Ocean City see
SCB State Scribner see
SCC Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse see
SCE University Park Airport State College, Pennsylvania, PA see
SCF Scottsdale Municipal Phoenix see
SCH Schenectady County Schenectady, NY see
SCJ Smith Cove Smith Cove see
SCK Stockton Metropolitan Airport Stockton see
SCM SPB Scammon Bay see
SDF Louisville International Louisville, KY see
SDM Brown Field Municipal San Diego see
SDP Municipal Sand Point see
SDX Sedona Sedona see
SDY Richland Municipal Sidney see
SEA Seattle-Tacoma International Seattle, WA see
SEE Gillespie Field San Diego see
SEF Sebring Regional Airport Sebring, Fl see
SEG Penn Valley Selinsgrove see
SEM Craig AFB Selma see
SEP Clark Field Stephenville see
SER Freeman Municipal Seymour see
SES Selfield Selma see
SFB Orlando Sanford Intl Sanford see
SFF Felts Field Spokane see
SFM Sanford Sanford see
SFO San Francisco International San Francisco, CA see
SFR San Fernando San Fernando, CA see
SFZ North Central Pawtucket, RI see
SGF Springfield-Branson Rg Springfield see
SGH Springfield Springfield see
SGR Sugar Land Regional Houston, TX see
SGT Stuttgart Municipal Stuttgart, AR see
SGU Municipal Saint George see
SGW Saginaw Bay Saginaw Bay see
SGY Municipal Skagway see
SHD Shenandoah Valley Staunton see
SHG Shungnak Shungnak see
SHH Shishmaref Shishmaref see
SHN Sanderson Field Shelton see
SHR Sheridan Sheridan see
SHV Regional Shreveport see
SHX Shageluk Shageluk see
SIK Memorial Sikeston see
SIT Sitka Sitka see
SIV County Sullivan see
SIY Siskiyou County Montague see
SJC Mineta San Jose International Airport San Jose see
SJN St. Johns Industrial Air Park St Johns, AZ see
SJT Mathis Fld San Angelo see
SKF Kelly AFB San Antonio see
SKJ Sitkinak Cgs Sitkinak Island see
SKK Shaktoolik Shaktoolik see
SKW Intermediate Skwentna see
SKY Griffing Sandusky Sandusky see
SLB Municipal Storm Lake see
SLC Salt Lake City International Salt Lake City, UT see
SLE Mcnary Field Salem see
SLG Smith Field Siloam Springs see
SLJ Stellar Air Park Chandler see
SLK Adirondack Saranac Lake see
SLN Salina Salina see
SLO Leckrone Salem see
SLQ Sleetmute Sleetmute see
SLR Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs see
SLT Salida Salida see
SMD Smith Field Fort Wayne, IN see
SME Pulaski County Somerset see
SMF Sacramento International Sacramento, CA see
SMK St Michael St Michael see
SMN Salmon Salmon see
SMO Santa Monica Santa Monica see
SMU Sheep Mountain Sheep Mountain see
SMX Public Santa Maria see
SNA John Wayne Santa Ana, CA see
SNK Winston Field Snyder see
SNL Municipal Shawnee see
SNP Saint Paul Island Saint Paul Island see
SNS Salinas Salinas see
SNY Sidney Sidney see
SOL Solomon Solomon see
SOP Pinehurst-S. Pines Southern Pines see
SOV Seldovia Seldovia see
SOW Show Low Show Low, AZ see
SPA Spartanburg, Downtown Memorial Spartanburg, SC see
SPF Black Hills Spearfish see
SPI Capital Springfield see
SPQ Catalina SPB San Pedro see
SPS Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls see
SPW Municipal Spencer see
SPZ Springdale Muni Springdale see
SQA Santa Ynez Santa Ynez see
SQI Whiteside County Sterling Rockfalls see
SQL San Carlos San Carlos see
SQV Sequim Valley Arpt Sequim see
SRC Searcy Searcy see
SRF Hamilton Field San Rafael see
SRQ Sarasota/Bradenton International Sarasota/Bradenton, FL see
SRU Skypark Santa Cruz see
SRV Stony River Stony River see
SRW Rowan County Salisbury see
SSC Shaw AFB Sumter see
SSF Stinson Municipal San Antonio see
SSI Malcolm Mckinnon Brunswick, GA see
SSU Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs see
SSW Stuart Island Stuart Island see
STC Municipal Saint Cloud see
STE Stevens Point Stevens Point see
STG St George Island St George Island see
STJ Rosecrans Memorial St Joseph see
STK Crosson Field Sterling see
STL Lambert-St. Louis International St Louis see
STP Downtown St Paul see
STS Sonoma County Santa Rosa see
SUA Witham Field Stuart see
SUC Schloredt Sundance see
SUD Stroud Stroud see
SUE Door County Sturgeon Bay see
SUM Municipal Sumter see
SUN Sun Valley Sun Valley see
SUO Sun River Sun River see
SUS Spirit Of St Louis St Louis see
SUU Travis AFB Fairfield, CA see
SUW Richard I Bong Arpt Superior see
SUX Sioux Gateway Sioux City see
SVA Savoonga Savoonga see
SVC Grant County Silver City see
SVE Susanville Susanville see
SVH Municipal Statesville see
SVN Hunter AAF Savannah, GA see
SVS Stevens Village Stevens Village see
SVW Sparrevohn AFS Sparrevohn see
SWD Seward Seward see
SWF Stewart Newburgh see
SWO Searcy Fld Stillwater see
SWW Sweetwater Sweetwater see
SXC Avalo Vor/WP Catalina Island see
SXP Sheldon SPB Sheldon Point see
SXQ Soldotna Soldotna see
SXY Sidney Sidney see
SYA Shemya AFB Shemya see
SYB Seal Bay Seal Bay see
SYI Bomar Field Shelbyville see
SYL Roberts AAF San Miguel see
SYN Carleton Stanton see
SYR Syracuse Hancock International Airport Syracuse see
SYV Sylvester Sylvester see
SZL Whiteman AFB Kansas see
SZN Santa Cruz Island Santa Barbara see
SZP Oxnard Santa Paula see
TAD Las Animas Trinidad see
TAL Ralph Calhoun Tanana see
TBC Tuba City Tuba City see
TBN Forney AAF Fort Leonard Wood see
TBR Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport Statesboro, GA see
TCC Tucumcari Tucumcari see
TCL Van De Graaf Tuscaloosa, AL see
TCM McChord AFB Tacoma, WA see
TCS Municipal Truth Or Consequences see
TCT Takotna Takotna see
TDO Winlock Toledo see
TDW Tradewind Amarillo see
TDZ Toledo Toledo see
TEB Teterboro Teterboro see
TEH Tetlin Tetlin see
TEK Tatitlek Tatitlek see
TEX Telluride Telluride see
TGE Sharpe Field Tuskegee see
THA Tullahoma/William Northern Field Tullahoma, TN see
THM Thompsonfield Thompsonfield see
THP Hot Springs Thermopolis see
THV York Airport York see
TIK Tinker AFB Oklahoma City see
TIW Industrial Tacoma see
TIX Space Coast Regional Titusville, FL see
TKA Talkeetna Talkeetna see
TKE Tenakee SPB Tenakee Springs see
TKF Truckee-Tahoe Truckee, CA see
TKJ Tok Tok see
TKL Taku SPB Taku Lodge see
TLA Teller Teller see
TLH Tallahassee Regional Airport Tallahassee see
TLJ Tatalina AFS Tatalina see
TLR Mefford Field Tulare, CA see
TLT Tuluksak Tuluksak see
TMA Henry Tift Myers Tifton, GA see
TMB Tamiami Miami see
TNC Tin City Afs Tin City, AK see
TNK Tununak Tununak see
TNP Twentynine Palms Twentynine Palms see
TNT Dade Collier Miami see
TNU Municipal Newton see
TOA Torrance Airport Torrance see
TOC Toccoa RG Letourneau Field Toccoa see
TOG Togiak Village Togiak Village see
TOI Municipal Troy see
TOL Toledo Express Toledo, OH see
TOP Philip Billard Topeka see
TOR Municipal Torrington see
TPA Tampa International Tampa see
TPH Tonopah Arpt Tonopah see
TPL Draughon-miller Central Texas Regional Temple, TX see
TPO Tanalian Point Tanalian Point see
TRH Trona Trona see
TRI Tri-cities Regional Blountville see
TRL Terrell Field Terrell see
TRM Thermal Thermal see
TRP Coast Guard Heliport Tree Point see
TRT Tremonton Tremonton see
TRX Memorial Trenton see
TSG Intermediate Tanacross see
TSP Kern County Tehachapi, CA see
TSS East 34th St Heliport New York see
TTD Troutdale Troutdale see
TTN Trenton Mercer Airport Trenton, NJ see
TTO Municipal Britton see
TUH Arnold AFS Tullahoma see
TUL Tulsa International Tulsa see
TUP Lemons Municipal Tupelo see
TUS Tucson International Airport Tucson, AZ see
TVC Cherry Capital Airport Traverse City see
TVF Regional Thief River Falls see
TVI Municipal Thomasville see
TVL South Lake Tahoe South Lake Tahoe see
TWA Twin Hills Twin Hills see
TWD Port Townsend Port Townsend see
TWE Taylor Taylor see
TWF Joslin Field - Magic Valley Regional Twin Falls, ID see
TWH Two Harbors Catalina Island see
TYR Tyler Pounds Regional Airport Tyler see
TYS Mc Ghee Tyson Knoxville see
TYZ Taylor Taylor see
UBS Lowndes County Columbus see
UCA Oneida County Utica see
UCE Eunice Eunice see
UCY Everett-Stewart Union City see
UDD Bermuda Dunes Palm Springs see
UES Waukesha Waukesha see
UGB Ugashik Bay Pilot Point see
UGI Uganik Uganik see
UGN Memorial Waukegan see
UIL Quillayute State Quillayute see
UIN Municipal Quincy see
UKI Ukiah Ukiah see
UKN Municipal Waukon see
UKT Upper Bucks Quakertown see
ULM New Ulm New Ulm see
UMB North Shore Umnak Island see
UMM Summit Summit see
UMT Umiat Umiat see
UNK Unalakleet Unalakleet see
UNS Umnak Umnak Island see
UNU Dodge County Juneau, WI see
UOS Franklin County Sewanee see
UOX University-Oxford Oxford see
UPP Upolu Point Upolu Point see
UQE Queen Queen see
UST St Augustine St Augustine see
UTM Tunica Municipal Airport Tunica, MS see
UTO Indian Mountain AFS Utopia Creek see
UUK Kuparuk Kuparuk see
UVA Garner Fld Uvalde see
UWA Ware Ware see
VAD Moody AFB Valdosta see
VAK Chevak Chevak see
VCB View Cove View Cove see
VCT County-Foster Victoria see
VCV Southern California Logistics Victorville, CA see
VDI Municipal Vidalia see
VDZ Municipal Valdez see
VEE Venetie Venetie see
VEL Vernal Vernal, UT see
VGT North Air Terminal Las Vegas see
VHN Culberson County Van Horn see
VIH Rolla National Vichy see
VIK Airstrip Kavik see
VIS Visalia Visalia see
VJI Virginia Highlands Abingdon see
VKW West Kavik West Kavik see
VLA Vandalia Vandalia see
VLD Regional Valdosta see
VLE J t Robidoux Valle see
VLO Stolport Vallejo see
VNC Venice Municipal Venice, FL see
VNY Van Nuys Los Angeles, CA see
VOK Volk Field Camp Douglas see
VPS Eglin AFB Valparaiso, FL see
VPZ Porter County Valparaiso see
VQQ Cecil Field Jacksonville see
VRB Municipal Vero Beach see
VRS Versailles Versailles see
VSF State Springfield see
VTN Miller Field Valentine see
VYS Illinois Valley Regnl Peru see
WAA Wales Wales see
WAH Wahpeton Wahpeton see
WAL Wallops Flight Center Chincoteague see
WAX Zwara Zwara see
WAY Greene County Waynesburg see
WBB Stebbins Stebbins see
WBI Broker Inn Boulder see
WBN Cummings Park Woburn see
WBQ Beaver Beaver see
WBR Big Rapids Big Rapids see
WBU Municipal Boulder see
WBW Wilkes-Barre/Wyoming Valley Wilkes-Barre, PA see
WCR Chandalar Chandalar see
WDB Deep Bay Deep Bay see
WDG Enid Woodring Mun. Enid see
WDR Winder Winder see
WDY Kodiak Fss Kodiak see
WEA Parker County Weatherford see
WFB Waterfront SPB Ketchikan see
WFK Frenchville Frenchville see
WGO Municipal Winchester see
WHD SPB Hyder see
WHH Hiltons Har H Boulder see
WHP Whiteman Los Angeles see
WHT Wharton Wharton see
WJF William J Fox Lancaster see
WKK Aleknagik Aleknagik see
WKL Waikoloa Airport Waikoloa see
WLB Labouchere Bay Labouchere Bay see
WLD Arkansas City Winfield see
WLK Selawik Selawik see
WLM Waltham Waltham see
WLN Little Naukati Little Naukati see
WLR Loring Loring see
WLW Glenn County Willows see
WMC Winnemucca Winnemucca see
WMH Mountain Home Mountain Home see
WMK SPB Meyers Chuck see
WMO White Mountain White Mountain see
WNA Napakiak SPB Napakiak see
WNC Naukati Bay SPB Tuxekan Island, AK see
WOD Wood River Wood River see
WOO Woodchopper Woodchopper see
WOW Willow Willow see
WPO North Fork Valley Paonia see
WRB Robins AFB Macon see
WRG Wrangell SPB Wrangell see
WRI Mc Guire Afb Wrightstown, New Jersey see
WRL Worland Worland, WY see
WSB SPB Steamboat Bay see
WSD Condron AAF White Sands see
WSF Sarichef Sarichef see
WSG County Washington see
WSH Brookhaven Shirley see
WSJ San Juan SPB San Juan see
WSM Wiseman Wiseman see
WSN South Naknek South Naknek see
WST Westerly State Westerly, RI see
WSX Westsound Westsound see
WTK Noatak Noatak see
WTL Tuntutuliak Tuntutuliak see
WTR White River White River see
WVI Watsonville Watsonville see
WVL Robert Lafleur Waterville see
WWA Wasilla Wasilla see
WWD Cape May County Wildwood see
WWP Whale Pass Whale Pass see
WWR West Woodward Woodward see
WWS USAF Heliport Wildwood see
WWT Newtok Newtok see
WYB SPB Yes Bay see
WYS Yellowstone West Yellowstone see
XES Municipal Lake Geneva see
XMD Madison Madison see
XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Fayetteville, AR see
XPR Pine Ridge Pine Ridge see
XPU West Kuparuk West Kuparuk see
XSD Test Range Tonopah see
XSM St Marys St Marys see
XZU Off line Point Rail see
YAK Yakutat Yakutat see
YIP Willow Run Detroit, MI see
YKM Yakima Air Terminal Yakima see
YKN Chan Gurney Yankton see
YNG Youngstown Youngstown see
YUM International Yuma see
ZBP Baltimore Rail Baltimore see
ZFZ Buffalo Depew Rr Buffalo see
ZGD New London Rail Groton see
ZHC N Philadelphia Rail St Philadelphia see
ZME Metropark Rail Newark see
ZML Milwaukee General Mitchell Milwaukee, see
ZNC Nyac Nyac see
ZPH Zephyrhills Zephyrhills see
ZRD Richmond VA Rail Richmond see
ZRF Park & Ride Bus Svc Rockford see
ZRK VanGalder Bus Termina Rockford see
ZRL Lancaster PA Rail Lancaster see
ZRP Pennsylvania Railroad Station Newark see
ZRT Hartford CT Rail Hartford see
ZRV Providence Rail Providence see
ZRZ New Carrolton RR Washington see
ZSH Bus Station Santa Fe see
ZTD Schenectady Rail Schenectady see
ZTE Rochester NY Rail Rochester see
ZTF Stamford Rail STN Westchester County see
ZTJ Princeton JT Rail Princeton see
ZTL Bus Station Telluride see
ZTN Trenton Rail STN Philadelphia see
ZUA Utica NNY Rail Utica see
ZUG Harrisburg Rail Harrisburg see
ZVE New Haven Rail New Haven see
ZWB Williamsburg Rail Hampton see
ZWI Wilmington Rail Wilmington see
ZWW Newport News Rail Hampton see
ZXS Exchangest Railway Svc Buffalo see
ZZV Zanesville Zanesville see